Government Grants For Debt Relief of Housing & Daily Living Expenses

Families residing on a low-income salary struggle to maintain minimum standards of living. Affording the expenses of necessary items such as food, shelter, and water does not come easy. With little income to live on, debts tend to grow and maintaining one’s head above water can look like an intimidating job.

The U.S. government and many non-profit organizations offer financial aid in an effort to help low-income households manage life’s necessities and work on developing a better future for themselves and their family. Federal and non-federal debt relief grants will help alleviate the financial burden and pull families out of the economic crisis.

Debt Relief Grants for Housing

Affording a house or rental home is a significant job for families living on a reduced income. Growing debts and falling behind on bills may result in evictions and homelessness in the most extreme cases. The federal authorities, as well as many non-profit organizations, offer debt relief grants for housing to help individuals in need:

U.S. Department of Agriculture

Public Housing programs

Habitat for Humanity

Mercy Housing

Catholic Charities

American Red Cross

Salvation Army

Debt Relief Grants for Daily Expenses

Daily expenses and monthly invoices for items like cable/telephone/internet, transport, and gasoline, groceries, home repair work, etc. have a considerable impact on one’s funds. These expenses consume a huge part of a families income leaving little else left to live from. Financial relief grant programs are offered to help families meet their everyday needs:

Special Milk Program

Child and Adult Care Food Program


Added Debt Relief Options

Government financial aid is also available for individuals struggling with debt linked to health expenses and utility invoices. Learn more about these extra financial relief applications.