About Us

The purpose of the SSDIQUALIFY organization is to improve the disability benefits system, and to educate qualified disabled persons on how to receive disability benefits through Social Security.

Our Mission:

#1 Reduce the detrimental waiting periods around the disability application process
To do this we need to reduce the high volume of applications from non-deserving individuals. There are 37 Million Americans who are classified as disabled and about 8 million who currently receive disability. There are so many uninformed individuals applying every year that the Social Security Administration is taking up to 11-12 months to approve cases and are rejecting as much as 70% of applications. The result is that disabled persons who deserve disability are not getting the benefits they need until it’s often too late. We want to help more individuals clearly understand the qualifications up-front, so we can reduce the volume of submissions that will not qualify.

#2 Improve the success rate for deserving applicants who merit disability benefits
The U.S. Social Security Administration website is extremely confusing for the uninformed user, which leads to incomplete application submissions and often deters many deserving persons from even applying. We hope to simplify the information and increase usability.

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Email us at:   ssdiqualify.webmaster@gmail.com